Although it might appear there's a product segmentation, whereby products designed with natural ingredients are for natural mane only, this is definately not true. Natural products are good for relaxed hair, and it could be argued that laid back hair needs natural ingredients as much, if not more than natural head of hair. One option is a roller se… Read More

Want long, healthy natural wild hair? YouTube's very own Naptural85 provides you her top 10 10 tips for luxurious locks! Offering natural nourishment for dried mane, the coconut engine oil infusion works together with organic jojoba and olive oils to completely clean, moisturize and reestablish luster. Your hair will surely benefit from adding prot… Read More

More and more, African-American women are abandoning chemicals used to straighten wild hair and accepting their natural curls. I want to 1st encourage you to accept your hair no matter your degree of tightness and figure out how to work with nice hair vs against it. Not all flakes are dandruff. For example, some can merely be product buildup on the… Read More

From warmed, to dyed, to pulled and treated, we've put our beautiful tresses through much duress. There is that you can't just pressure the length of your wash cycles. The times of year really do change lives. I'd hit weekly previous winter, but as springtime and summertime rolled in, that just wasn't feasible anymore. Maybe it's because I'm less l… Read More

Are you frustrated by frizzy or dry locks? It is impossible to manage damaged mane and it needs requires a lot of good care and attention. Lustrous black, thick voluminous hair is the symbol of our health and wellness both internally and externally. With this era, where the pollution levels are mounting day by day, maintaining hair is an arduous ta… Read More